Meaty, Cheesy & Oh-So-Good: Where To Get The Best Chicken Sandwiches In Pune

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There are few joys in life as satisfying as finding the perfect sandwich. It’s not just limited to the filling – the bread, buttering, crispiness {if toasted} all factor in when eating a great sandwich, right? We’ve done a bit of research {and by that, we mean eating} and have come up with 5 of our favourite places to get some of the best chicken sandwiches in Pune:

Diamond Bakery

This modest little bakery in Fatima Nagar bakes their own bread, making their sandwiches extra cloud-like and special. We loooove their Chicken Sandwiches {INR 55} – which are generously filled with a seasoned mix of shredded chicken, a little mayo, and a bit of butter. It’s ridiculously good, and extremely pocket-friendly. One sandwich is large enough to keep you satiated for a couple of hours, but we won’t judge if you eat two.

Fat Cat's Cafe

Fat Cat’s Cafe in Wanowrie is another popular go-to not just for their desserts, but for their crazy-good sandwiches. The fan favourite is their Alfredo chicken sandwich: a cheesy-toasted piece of goodness that will comfort the most weary soul. If you’re not the white-sauce kind, try their homemade BBQ chicken sandwich with jalapenos and cheese – you’ll thank us later! Each sandwich is served with a side of potato wafers, and reasonably priced at INR 180.

Le Plaisir

Cult-favourite bistro Le Plaisir on Prabhat Road {more on them here} make their own ‘muffin’ sandwiches with a wide variety of fillings. We love their grilled harissa chicken filling with sour cream, but hear that their roast chicken with garlic mayo and jalapeños, and roast chicken with tomato, basil, and olive oil are just as delicious. Each sandwich is priced at around INR 290, and we think they’re worth every bite. Wash it down with a chilled iced tea and you’re good to go!

Piatto - The Dessert Studio

We know what you’re thinking, but Piatto is much more than just a place for exceptional desserts {read our recommendation here}. Located in a quiet lane in Kalyani Nagar, Piatto also has a sandwich and salad menu {with a long list of beverages, to boot}, and bake their own breads in-house. It’s a toss between their roast chicken sandwich and their chicken schnitzel sandwich for us. The former comes with roast chicken in a curry-flavoured yogurt, with jalapeños, caramelised onions, and lettuce – sandwiched in whole wheat bread. The schnitzel sandwich {schnitzel is an Austrian meat cutlet, pounded flat, bread-crumbed, and then fried} comes dressed with sriracha mayo, coleslaw, and lettuce. Both are served with a small side salad, and will cost you INR 320.

Gourmet Men

Gourmet Men is Pune’s latest all-night food delivery service {read more on them here}. Well-known for their meaty panini sandwiches, we suggest trying the BBQ smoked chicken ham and cheese, the crispy crackling chicken, piri-piri chicken, or their gourmet butter chicken paninis. It’s hard to choose, and we’re salivating just at the thought of them! Served in brown bread, with a side of crispy German-style potato wedges, the paninis are priced between INR 175 – 190. Gourmet Men are a delivery-only kitchen based in Viman Nagar, and deliver across Viman Nagar, Koregaon Park, Kharadi, Magarpatta, Fatima Nagar, and Camp, between the hours of 7pm and 3am, daily.


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