Neel posted on 3rd August

Craving For Chole Bhature? Five Places That Serve This Mouth-Watering Dish, Starting At INR 60

Ten-Second Takeaway

Are you used to good old Delhi-type chole bhature? The dish is a wonderful preparation and sumptuous meal for the evening and here are 5 best places to get yourself a plate of delicious chole bhature.

Mona Food

This is one of the few places in Pune which serves extremely yummy chole bhature. With a decent ambiance and pleasant atmosphere, it is a pure veg place located on MG road. In short, it is family restaurant, good location, air conditioned and the best thing about this is that you get typical North Indian style chole bhature at just INR 110. So if you are used to the good old Delhi-style chole bhature, this place has it. All other food items are great too. Go for it!


It’s located in the bustling FC area of Pune, an ideal location to have food with someone when you’re out there shopping. Definitely, try their chole bhature and naans. Food is simply good and service is efficient. In case you’re a little confused, take the captain’s advice. They are known to recommend some good dishes. Overall service is pleasant, you get chole bhature at INR 120 and if you’re opting for a take away, your food is sure to be well packed.

Shahji's Paratha House

With extraordinary bhature, this place serves a Maharashtrian version of the dish, which might not sound like what we’re used to, but we promise you will not be disappointed. A cozy environment makes it is one of the popular restaurants for chole bhature. We have been eating at this place for more than 3 years and it is the best even today. We recommend you give it a shot!

Raju Uncle's Chole Bature

People with a large appetite, here is the place for good quality, quantity and taste. Though the restaurant has added more and more variety of dishes, their chole bhature is the best and is ordered by majority of customers. Well, from what we know and have tried before, Raju Uncle equals a perfect plate of chole bhature. By spending just INR 60 from your pocket, and with a decent place to sit, this place offers a lot more than you would expect. If you are a foodie, give it a shot.

Satguru's Punjabi Rasoi

Fantastic is the word that pops into one’s mind, when you see the ambience of this place. Located in Magarpatta, this is a place where you come and enrich your senses. The combination of chole bhature {INR 110} and Punjabi lassi {INR 60}, makes for the perfect meal.