Get Your Fix: We've Picked The 10 Best Coffee Places In Pune That You Must Try

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Are you a caffeine addict and can't get through the day without a great cup of coffee? We have scouted the best coffee places in Pune perfect for your caffeine fix. Some have great hot cups, some serve delicious cold brews and others have a range of interesting coffees you must try. 

Third Wave Coffee Roasters

With authentic Arabica roasted coffee curated from different parts of the world, Third Wave Coffee Roasters hails from Bengaluru. Their syphon and chemex brewing methods are what make their coffee worth every sip you take. They also offer a French press, aero press and even pour-over brews. If you're one to love lattes, try the matcha, red velvet, Thai or the gold turmeric latte. And, for those on a strict keto diet their signature bulletproof keto coffee uses virgin coconut oil and unsalted butter as its base. A cup here will cost you INR 180, additionally the cafe has free WiFi.

Zen Cafe

With a dedicated brew bar that serves pour overs, how could you not stop by at Zen Cafe in Koregaon Park? Try their cortado, macchiato if you're looking for hot cup. But if you're here on a hot day, then the iced coffees will satiate you. Try the affogato, or a simple cold brew. You can also sip on artisanal black coffee that's either served aero press or a pour over. They also serve an espresso martini and a ginger, turmeric, espresso tonic. A cappuccino here is priced at INR 130. The cafe also has vegan options, free WiFi and valet service.

Madras Coffee House

We can't leave the good-old filter coffee out of a coffee list. A classic south Indian place, Madras Coffee House is where you should head for some kappi. The coffee is frothy, a little bitter and one of the better ones in the city. If you're one who likes their filter coffee a little bitter, not too milky nor sweet, then this will be apt for your palette. The filter coffee here is priced at INR 45. It's a typical South Indian coffee house, so you must drop in for breakfast. It opens early so you can get steaming hot idlis and coffee for breakfast and be on your way.


Finally making its way to Pune, Theobroma, which started as a popular French cafe in Mumbai has taken over the country with its brownies. But what few people know is that they are also loved for their French-style coffees. Sip a simple cappuccino or a latte and you'll surely love it. And, a croissant or a brownie here is definitely a good company for that hot cuppa you order. A coffee here will cost you INR 95. This Theobroma has an express kitchen, so unfortunately you won't be able to grab hot plates. 

The Fat Labrador Cafe

Adding charm to Bavdhan with their cozy interiors and a cute in-house Labrador, The Fat Labrador Cafe is perfect for chilling alone, to go on a date or to just hang out with your friends. Even if they are famed for their hot chocolate, we like their coffees too. Their Vietnamese-style coffee and cold brew are a part of their speciality. A cappuccino here will cost you INR 120. This cafe is obviously pet-friendly and closed on Thursdays. 

The French Window Patisserie

Do like the French do at French Window Patisserie. The beautiful cafe gives you the feel of sitting at a roadside cafe in Paris. They have their signature French press coffee, several flavoured coffees, cold brews and more. It's an apt place for brunch or breakfast. But if you really want to do like the French, then a slice of cake with a French press is a must. A cup of coffee will set you back approximately INR 120. It is a popular place for expats to hangout at in Koregaon Park. It's also pet-friendly, has a calm vibe that's apt for reading, free WiFi and a smoking area.

Le Plaisir

You can't have lived in Pune and not eaten at Le Plaisir and loved it. Everyone who visits town, also makes a stop here. You've got to try the cinnamon coffee. With a generous sprinkling of cinnamon powder on top of the hot brew, the coffee is neither too sweet not bitter. It's perfect for a rainy evening or when you need a warm hug, believe us, this cup won't disappoint. A meal for two here usually costs INR 1,000, so a cuppa will approximately set you back INR 150.

Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

While there is no shortage of coffee houses at NIBM, this new spot is about to give all the other cafes a run for its money. A nationwide phenomenon, Blue Tokai has opened a brand new outlet in the city for all coffee lovers. Decked up in earthy tones and elevated with lots of greenery, the cafe roasts and brews its concoctions in-house to maintain the freshness of a cuppa joe. But that’s not all. They’ve tied up with Suchali’s Artisan Bakehouse to curate a food menu that features a variety of baked goods like croissant sandwiches, pizzas, and more. A cup of coffee will cost you around INR 200.

The Flour Works

With branches in Kalyani Nagar, Baner and Kondhwa, this upscale café is the place to visit if you’re looking for some quality brew. Sample exotic brews like pea berry and Mysore nugget that’ll make you fall more in love with coffee incase you're falling short of some. But if a cold coffee is what'll make your day, definitely try their Vietnamese coffee. A cup of coffee here will cost you INR 95. They offer free WiFi, indoor and outdoor seating, a smoking area and valet parking.

Grey Soul Coffee Roasters

If you’re looking for a spot where you can savour the flavour of your cuppa in peace, Grey Soul Coffee Roasters is the place to be. Roasting and brewing Indian speciality coffee sourced from Coorg, Yercaud, Chikmaglur, and Nagaland, the cafe takes pride in its in-house coffee blends. A must-have here is the sea salt latte and rose pistachio latte, both refreshing and delicious. But if you prefer iced coffees, we suggest you try the cold brew float or espresso tonic. If you’re looking for some nosh on the side, the Vietnamese Banh-mi sandwiches and New York-style bagels are a delight. A cup of coffee with a snack will cost around INR 600. 


These were our top picks to grab a cuppa, but if you are a chai person, have you tried these special flavoured teas from Pune