LBB's Verdict: These Are The Best Dosas In Town & You Must Taste Them

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Who doesn’t love food from the south? We scouted for the crispiest and tastiest dosas in the city and these 10 places won our heart. Get munching.

Anna Idli

With several outlets across the city, Anna Idli serves some of the best South Indian food on a budget. You can try everything from a sada dosa, loni dosa and if you’re staying off rice then order up a ragi dosa. The variety is sufficient and the flavour is delicious.

Ravi Famous Dosa

A favourite among the Viman Nagar crowd, Ravi Famous Dosa is known to have over 30 varieties and has some odd balls up his sleeve too. From Maggi dosa to American chop suey, paneer bhurji, noodles, Kerala cheese dosa, Ravi gives the South Indian cuisines a whole new definition. Starting at INR 20, eat the street dosa when you’re up for some fusion food.

Mankar Dosa

Boasting of four outlets in Pune, courteous staff and comfortable seating, Mankar Dosa is a little bit of a competition to Ravi Famous Dosa when it comes to variety. Try dosas like schezwan cut masala, butter spring cut, loni sponge dosa among others here. And, their chocolate dosa is worth every penny.


The iconic age-old udipi, everyone who visits Pune makes a pit-stop at Vaishali for some delicious breakfast. So it’s no surprise that this place would make it on a best dosa list. The Mysore cheese masala dosa here is our favourite. Other suspects include your regular masala, sada, rava dosa among others.

Sai Sudarshan Max Centre

If you’re a fan of loni dosa, stop at Sai Sudarshan Max Centre. Students of Fergusson College cannot get enough of this place that is a small stall, serving up a variety of mouth-watering South Indian dishes. The taste and the cost passes every student’s test with one plate of 3 dosas costing INR 40.

More Dosa

A small shop with outdoor seating, More Dosa’s USP is the butter used to make all their preparations. Their loni sponge dosa is served with masala and green chutney which you cannot get enough of. You can also sample the usual suspects like masala, sada, cheese cut, cheese masala dosa.

Malgudi Station

With a varied menu, we’d recommend sampling the adei butter dosa here as it’s the chef’s speciality. You can also try the kal dosa and the neer dosa. If you’re not into authentic dosas and want a few familiar flavours, dig into masala, Mysore, rava, set, paper and their few variations.

Madras Coffee House

Madras Coffee House is where you’ll find delicious filter coffee and crisp dosas. They have a few other varieties like podi dosa, mint dosa, rocket dosa, pizza dosa and a few other varieties. It’s very authentic and the crispy dosas will make you keep coming back for more. 

Way Down South

Offering some varieties that you won’t find at other spots, Way Down South offers some delicious dosas. Try bread dosa, teen dalli polo, mixed sprouts coriander dosa, doddak and others. The menu comes with a good description of all the dosas, so you won’t be left wondering what you’re ordering for sure.


With an elaborate South Indian menu, one always enjoys dining at Wadeshwar, which is situated at multiple locations in city. While it is fun enjoying hot coffee on a rainy day sitting in their outlet, another must-try dish includes their Mysore masala dosa which has butter, Mysore podi and aloo masala. Priced at INR 138, it is crisp on the edges while slightly soft in middle.


While you can enjoy yummy dosas at Thambbi in Balewadi, you must not miss the fusion dosas which are very yummy and fulfilling. Dilkhush, pizza, fusion, cheese chili-  starting at INR 117, try these unique dosas whose portion size is sufficient for one or maybe two (if you have a lot of items on your table). Cheese lovers will absolutely love their chili cheese and pizza dosa as it oozes gooey cheese.

Yumma Swami

Yumma Swami on MG Road serves some insanely delicious range of crispy dosas, soft idilis, uttappams and much more. The restaurant has really cool and quirky interiors that give offer a relaxing vibe. We insist you try their ghee ragi dosa and ghee roast dosa which has the goodness of ghee and is priced at INR 140.


Satiate your love for mouthwatering South Indian cuisine with Upsouth’s budget-friendly range of combos. We loved the Upsouth dosa combo priced at INR 160. If you love spicy, we highly recommend you to try the Upsouth podi crispy dosa for INR 99. They also serve yummy set dosa combo with dollops of makkhan on them.

Yenna Dosa

Situated in Bibwewadi, Yenna Dosa boasts of 26 dosas in its menu. Yummy and affordable, they start at INR 60 only. The next time you want to enjoy some yummy dosas, head to this place and enjoy their Yenna special cut dosa, kal dosa, pepper cheese masala dosa, and ghee roast.


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