Order The Amazing Mouth Watering North Indian Delicacies From This Outlet!

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I was craving for North Indian food and hence decided to order from Kabablo.

I tried their -
* Hyderabad chicken
* Chaap e chatpata
* Veg roz ke meal
* Garlic naan
* Tandoori taang

The chaaps here are probably the best chaaps in Pune. Also, they are priced reasonably.

The tandoori tang is one item that you should not miss to have. Tender chicken legs which were marinated to perfection.

Also, Garlic naan went really well with the spicy Hyderabadi curry which had ample chicken pieces on it.

You must also check their daily meal subscription as they provide super delicious food at a very low price.

The packaging of all the items was top notch and it was spill-free. The food here is awesome and you must surely try the food here

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