Ladies, These Unique Beauty Products Are A Treat For Your Skin

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Move over chemical-laden cosmetics and beauty products, instead, give your skin a breath of fresh air with these unique beauty products that you can Shop on LBB. From body butter to lip balms, gels to serums - these brands make sure to create sustainable products that are a treat for your skin.

Signature Beauty Hamper From Anour - Treat Yourself

Signature Beauty Hamper


Anour is a bath and body essentials brand that has amazing products to pamper your skin. They are known to use natural, wholesome ingredients, including the ones you'll consider consuming in your food. All their stuff is paraben, sulphate, and cruelty-free. Check out the signature beauty hamper, which is ideal for gifting and the beautiful hamper box contains an Anour aloe glaze body butter, one body scrub, a travel-sized green tea scrub, 1 lip balm and 1 lip scrub. 

Shell Out: INR 900

Donkey Milk Natural Soap From Organiko Beautifying Life

Donkey Milk Natural Soap


Taking a cue from Egyptian Queen Cleopatra’s beauty secret- who used to bathe in donkey’s milk - and a leaf from the book of Hippocrates, the father of medicine, Organiko Beautifying Life by Pooja Kaul has developed a line of handmade soaps made with donkey’s milk. We hear you must use the natural soap, which will leave your skin feeling smoother, softer and nourished. The soap comes packed in a super cute and rustic burlap sack. You don't need a toner if you regularly use the soap.

Shell Out: INR 499

Pore-Refining Face Cleansing Powder From Spaveda

Pore-Refining Face Cleansing Powder


Spaveda boasts of a pure and uniquely formulated personal care range that incorporates the intelligence of natural essential oils, potent cold-pressed oils, botanical extracts and earth clay. In order to cleanse your skin and de-clog the pores, we suggest you use the gentle pore-refining face cleansing powder. It has natural skin-polishing elements and helps in removing blackheads.

Shell Out: INR 795

Sugar Cubes Body Scrub From Laviche Bath Essentials

Sugar Cubes Body Scrub


At Laviche, they create bath essentials like lip balm, body wash, shampoo, whipped soaps, body butter, soaps and more with ingredients that are 100% natural and cruelty-free, that is to say, no animal testing is done for their products. You will experience bliss while using the super colourful Sugar Cubes Body Scrub which is pretty to look at and helps in exfoliation of dead cells. Apart from this, the smell and appearance will surely give you a craving for the sugary candies. 

Shell Out: INR 500

Red Wine Shampoo By Nature's Butter

Red Wine Shampoo


Why just drink wine when you can apply it on your scalp? Use the red wine shampoo from Nature's Butter by Shree. It moisturizes the hair and is great for dandruff treatment. Best part? All-natural ingredients in the shampoo. This brand also makes one-of-a-kind face gels and hair mask kits. 

Shell Out: INR 600

Ubtan Foaming Face Wash From Oriental Botanics

Ubtan Foaming Face Wash


Embrace a holistic skincare regime by using organic products from Oriental Botanics. An authentic skincare brand, it takes inspiration from Ayurveda and sources products from the foothills of Himalaya. Start using their natural skincare products from their signature trio kit that contains face wash, face scrub and a face pack, so you can pamper yourself to the fullest. The Utbtan face wash is paraben-free, provides deep-pore cleansing, repairs the skin, thus giving it a glow. 

Shell Out: INR 449

Orange & Lemon Lip De-Tan From Nourishk Essencia

Orange & Lemon Lip De-Tan


Nourishk Essencia curate products with natural and exotic Ayurvedic ingredients and make them available at affordable prices. These are paraben and sulphate free. They also source Pure Argan oil from its region of production. We love the orange and lemon lip de-tan. This product is rich in vitamin c, hydrates and nourishes the lips, and brings it back to its original colour, in case you've gotten super tanned lately. 

Shell Out: INR 450

Coffee & Almond Oil Under-Eye Cream From Mom's Skin Essentials

Coffee & Almond Oil Under-Eye Cream


Mom's Skin Essentials is devoted to making handcrafted, organic beauty products ranging from skincare and haircare to bath and body. The products here are handmade using only the finest, natural ingredients. The one body area that's as good as ignored is the under-eye. It darkens with age, and therefore you must bring in this brand's coffee and almond oil under-eye cream. Leave it on for 15 minutes and just wash it off. 

Shell Out: INR 350


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