This Brand Believes That Hemp Is The Solution To A Healthier Life

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What Makes It Awesome

In today's time, staying healthy requires a lot of effort. But you could boost your immunity and energy levels and get the much-needed nutrients from hemp. We found Boheco Life that produces hemp seed oil and dietary powders that you must try!

Hemp comes from cannabis, which is found wildly in the Himalayas. While locals there have incorporated hemp in their lifestyle, it's fairly unfamiliar for city folk. But apart from making clothes, ropes and other items out of hemp, it also has several nutrients, and thus, health benefits.

Boheco Life has hemp seed oil that can be used in various dishes to make it healthier. You can use it for good skin and hair and also stabilise blood-sugar levels. It is also full of micronutrients. This is a vegan oil that is cold-pressed and unrefined. Then there is hemp seed powder that has a lot of fibre content, amino acids along with nutrients and lastly, you will love the hemp hearts - a seed mix that you can add to you smoothies, sprinkle on salads and drinks.


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