Eat Under INR 1,000 At These Restaurants In Koregaon Park

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Month end woes got you feeling low? Thanks to these budget restaurants in Koregaon Park, you can still indulge in comfort food without worrying about drawing up a huge bill. Bookmark this for future reference.

The Burger Barn Café

For the times when cravings for juicy, meaty burgers come calling, this one is the perfect place to head to where you can dig into a burger without worrying about the bill. A simple meal of burgers, fries and cola for two can be enjoyed within INR 500, which to us sounds like a great deal. If you want to save more, a simple chicken or veg burger starts at about INR 150 and is filling enough too.The best part? This café offers a wide range of burgers that you wouldn’t find elsewhere. Plus, the interiors are great too and the space makes for a good spot for a college date too.

Uncle’s Chinese

Chindian on your mind? Head to Uncle’s Chinese to dig into some of the best desi Chinese preparations within a budget. The restaurant is hygienic, the menu has a wide range of food items on offer, and it's an old-time favourite for men. We recommend trying their thukpa, momos, any variation of noodles and chicken lollipops. You can enjoy a meal for two within INR 800 and the quantity is good enough to share between two.


This is a fairly new restaurant to pop up in the neighbourhood, and has already won a loyal set of fan following thanks to the affordable prices, and insanely delicious butter chicken! You can easily enjoy a lovely meal here with a group, even if it’s the end of the month. We recommend trying their rolls, dal makhni, biryani, butter chicken and gulab jamun. A meal here can cost as low (if not lower) as INR 500.

Shatranj Wine & Dine - Hotel Green Plaza

Head out for dinner and drinks at this beautiful, expansive space in Koregaon Park, a budget restaurant that allows you to dig into freshly made tikkas, kebabs and curries. Plus they serve booze at super cheap rates, a fact that makes it easy for large groups to enjoy without worrying about a hefty bill. A meal for two can be enjoyed within INR 1,000. 

The Döner Company

One of our favourite comfort foods, a meaty meal here is perfect for all those looking to enjoy a fulfilling meal within a budget. The restaurant is clean, the service is great and the döner kebabs here are absolutely delicious! A definite recommend for all those who’re looking for good, hygienic and pocket-friendly meals all under INR 500.


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