Potato Wafers, Masala Peanuts & More: Get All Your Essential Chakna From Budhani Brothers Waferwala

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Back in 1955, when the Budhani brothers {Madhavji, Motilal and Mangaldas} cycled around town to sell their humble packets of potato wafers, little did they predict about the future to come. Six odd decades later, their legacy continues to thrive strong, and the brand, today, is one of the biggest household names for wafers, potato mixture, salted peanuts and cashew nuts.

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Located at Taboot Street, Budhani Brothers has become a landmark, or a sort of rendevous point at Camp. Currently run by the third generation of Budhanis, Rishabh and Krishna, this company has seen very many milestones over the years. From frying wafers on a small stove to gradually shifting to coal fryer and finally upgrading to gas fryer in the early 70’s, Budhani has only grown bigger and stronger.

In fact, Budhani was one of the first companies in India to incorporate a sound and heat-proof stainless steel fryer in 1988. Presently, Budhani’s manufacturing unit is fully automated and uses a state-of-the-art chip line for faster and high-quality production.

Coming back to the assortment of snacks, Budhani’s famous potato wafers for INR 300/kg come in five varieties- salted crunch, cream and onion, cheese crunch, masala and tomato crunch. If you’re drinking with the gang tonight, ditch those international brands of chips, and give a Puneri twist to you chakna with Budhani’s farali chiwda and dryfruit potato mixture. We recommend you must try their banana wafers for INR 380/kg.

Dessert lovers, you cannot afford to miss Budhani’s range of barfis- from classic kaju to fruit, badam, vanilla, rose and mango, starting at INR 300/kg. Lastly, with the festive season just around the corner, indulge in Budhani’s kesari pedhas. Made of khoa, ghee, pistachio and cardamom seeds, these semi-soft pedhas are heavenly!

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The next time you’re shopping at Camp, make sure you head to Budhani, get a pack of their potato wafers and mixture and enjoy it over a cup of hot tea {or a peg of whiskey}.


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