Chow Down A Historic Dish At A Cozy Cafe In Kharadi

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What Makes It Awesome?

Bunny Chow is an Indian dish that did not originate in India. Confusing? Well as confusing as it may sound, Bunny Chow is a delicious dish that you must try out at Lekker’s Chow in Kharadi. But before that, let’s give you a small idea what exactly this dish is all about and its history. 

If you recollect history lectures, there was a mention of indentured labourers. These labourers were mostly Indians, who migrated in search of work. Unfortunately, the horrible work conditions and rules left them with a limited portion of gavy and a bread loaf.  The gravy often fell off the plates and left a number of these workers with unsatisfied hunger. But given how jugaadu Indians are, they ended up inventing Africa’s then favourite, Bunny Chow. 

Bunny Chow is a pretty simple dish. In this, the bread is made a little hollow from the centre and then is filled with a delicious meaty gravy. A complete entree in itself, bunny chow is a delicious dish that is a must try.

One might think that the name Bunny in the dish has something with the meat used but, it's not what you think. The dish si made using various types of meat such as mutton, chicken, fish and also vegetables. At Lekker’s Chow, you also get a number of other varieties as well. They also have a prawns bunny chow with them. The restaurant also serves quick bites, salads, soups and desserts as well. All of their chows also come with a side of bread and also khaari with some of them.

The restaurant’s is a very cozy restaurant in Kharadi.  Located inside Global Business Hub in Kharadi, this place is can easily accommodate around 12 people at a time. This makes Lekker’s chow a cool cafe to hangout at. So people working in Kharadi, you now have a new place to chill at post your work. Even if they do offer deliveries, we’d suggest that you don’t opt for it. Because, Bunny Chow is an experience. 

What Could Be Better?

We would like to see this restaurant in a bigger space as well so large groups can also be comfortable. 


Bunny Chow is a dish you should eat with hands. So make sure they are clean. 


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