Pune's Cane Market Is A Trove For Handmade Decor, Starting At INR 30

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What Makes It Awesome?

A rickety auto ride from Raviwar Peth towards Ganesh Peth will lead to you a lane with stacks of bamboo canes piled up on either side of the narrow strip. Welcome to Burud Ali, where the lesser-known community of cane craftsmen reside, and manufacture all sorts of cane artefacts – from lamps to mats to hand-woven baskets and more.

Boasting of an array of handicraft products, this community comprises migrants from Satara, Karnataka and Ahmednagar, who had come to Pune way back in the 18th century in search of work. Two centuries later, despite a noticeable expansion in the community, their art continues to struggle to tap in to the commercial markets! Nevertheless, Burud Ali shines as a hidden gem amidst the hustle-bustle of old Pune.

The energy at Burud Ali, at any given point of time, is absolutely unbeatable. The families of the craftsmen are very kind and will flaunt their artwork, the moment you step in to their makeshift shacks. We loved the cane lamps in blue, pink and green, starting at INR 200. The handmade vases with intricate designs come in varied shapes and cost between INR 100 and INR 400.

The multi-coloured fruit baskets, starting at INR 50, definitely are eye-catchers and will deck up your breakfast table like never before! Priced at INR 30, the table mats are hard to miss.

Looking something for your windows? Ditch those cloth curtains and hang a set of cane curtains from Burud Ali to give an exotic touch to your room. What else? The egg-shell shaped cane swings and chairs, starting at INR 700, are exactly what you need for your patio or the balcony. The swings and the furniture are mostly never on display because of the rains. But, you can select a design or show them one, and get a customised swing set or furniture made.


There is a bit of a parking issue at Burud Ali. Recommend you park your vehicle at Raviwar Peth and walk down. 

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