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What Makes It Awesome

Eating clean is the need of the hour and we happen to know just the right brand for it. Get your hands on products by 'By Nature' — a 100% plant-based snack and wellness superfood brand that operates online.

By Nature — like its name deals in snacks, seeds, spices, staples, and supplements that are packed in nature and have numerous health benefits. The prices are super affordable with snacks starting at INR 40 only. We observed that a lot of people are following different diets such as keto, paleo, liquid diet, juice cleanses, intermittent fasting, etc. This brand has eased finding groceries for the same.

Munch on their crispy coconut chips that are baked instead of fried. You can choose between the classic chips, choco flavoured coconut chips or coffee, and cinnamon coconut chips. We are absolutely happy munching on these instead of deep-fried stuff.

Any chefs out there? We suggest you make recipes using organic quinoa or rolled oats. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but we often skip it due to time constraints. Their artisanal muesli will come to your rescue as it is easy to cook and is already flavoured.

Fill your spice box with organic jaggery, spirulina powder, agar dust, and Himalayan pink salt. All these can be used for sprinkling on your salads making them tastier and healthier. From seed mixes, coffee beans, different types of flours — they offer a lot of healthy substitutes against these carb-loaded, and unhealthy flours.

Coconut chips, chia seeds, rolled oats, spirulina powder, artisanal muesli — these are some of their lockdown bestsellers. Order via their website and get that desired fitness level during your time home.

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