There Are Silent Headphones Parties Happening In Town & You Need To Go

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Bring Your Own Headphones – BYOH – is the brainchild and property of the team at Gray Spark Audio, a music production studio started by Ronak Runwal. Each BYOH ‘session’ provides a unique experience to performing artists and a live audience.

Tell Me More

BYOH has been actively hosting their events for around 2 years now. Though they started out super-underground, they’re quickly catching on with Pune’s gig-loving indie music crowd. The concept is simple – the artist/s perform live in front an audience while being recorded within/by the studio. The idea came about as a way to help newer artists feel more comfortable in a studio setting; giving them an audience to perform to while being recorded, made it easier for them to emote and express their music. It’s a live performance, but also studio oriented.

Ronak tells us that they, ‘end up capturing the essence of a live performance, with the quality of being in a confined recording space’. Bringing the ‘performance’ element into an artist’s recordings really helps elevate their quality, too. It’s intimate, while also being interactive – the audience has a chance to engage with the artists as well, which is a great way to explore their music.

BYOH events usually take place on Sundays, when the recording studio is free. Tickets will cost you between INR 300 – 400, and the studio can fit around 30 – 40 people at most. Remember to bring your own headphones {the good kind} and the studio staff at Gray Spark Audio will help you set it all up. Get comfy on the floor, or settle into a corner of their sofa and get ready for a unique listening experience at this silent headphones party.

Anything Else?

The next BYOH season starts in June, so stay glued to their Facebook page here for all the latest updates and videos of their previous performances {the likes of Bhrigu Sahni, Easy Wanderlings, Unohu, The Family Cheese, and Kumail+Cosmic Attic, to name a few}.


BYOH are planning to do a bigger event in the coming year, with even bigger artists lined up, so expect big things! They’re also planning to work with other venues in the future – taking the BYOH concept outside the studio, but are still in the process of figuring out how to get the same quality of recording.


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