Post Work Plans? Drop By This Place To Have Charcha With Chai And Coffee

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What Makes It Awesome?

You will be shocked to see what Talegaon has to offer.
The 3c Cafe (Chai Coffee Charcha) situated on the Talegaon Chakan road is simply impressive.
The Cafe is huge, spacious and has some beautiful walls. A lot of time has been given to think upon the Ambience, little details about different corners.
It has a couch, a bookshelf, a social corner and a lot of games to play while your food is being cooked.
The food here is highly made by which I mean every raw material used is of good and high quality. The quality is never compromised.
The owner is friendly and open to reviews, she will herself serve you if she sees you with an empty table. The chef serves under her guidance and she has constant supervision over them.

Visit this Cafe whenever you are heading to Lonavala or in Talegaon to have a life experience.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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