Broke? Here's Where You Can Eat For INR 50 Or Less In Pune

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There’s no dearth of cheap places to eat in Pune, but here are some terms and conditions: you can’t be on a diet and you can’t fuss about eating on the streets. If you’ve got no problem with exploring the city’s foodscape, here’s where you can eat for under INR 50.

Cheese Dabeli At Lavendor - The Resto Cafe

On Bund Garden road, eat a regular dabeli for INR 10 or the cheese one for INR 25. You can also getting a chai for INR 10.

Thick Cold Coffee At Cafe 1 Plus 1

Their thick cold coffee is creamy, the perfect amount of coffee bitter and SO good! For INR 30, sip away!

Chapati Bhaji At Sai Kamal Snacks

Need a filling meal? For INR 30 you can get a potato bhaji and three chapatis at this little snack stall. Good deal, no?

Jhatka Bhel At Shivaji Nagar

Yedunand Prasad Yadav’s family bhel shop has been in Shivajinagar for years! This legendary stall serves up a sweet-spicy bhel with lots of crunch for INR 30.

Pani Puri At Dev Narayan Pani Puri Stall

In Hinjewadi, near the Symbiosis Infotech Campus, try six different flavours of pani for your puri. There’s lemon, jeera, lahsun, hajmola, pudina and regular. A plate of six is at INR 20.

Litti Chokha At Litticious

Try this Bihari snack of dough balls made of sattu flour served with aloo bharta. It’s healthy, filling and comes at INR 30 a plate only.

Burger Or Shake At Cafe Greedy Box

There’s a lot to choose from for INR 50, opt for the veg burger for INR 40 or the chicken one for INR 50. Or you could slurrp on the chocolate and peanut butter shake for INR 50.

Dosa At Mankar Dosa

Get a chocolate cut dosa for INR 50 or a loni dosa for INR 40. If you’re a uttapam person, for INR 45 get the onion and tomato uttapam.

Dal Pakaan At Mahadev Patiswala

Trust Sindhis to be great at anything fried. You can get a plate of dal pakaan at INR 40 in the mornings or a plate of ragda pattice for INR 35 in the evenings.

Lunch At Vrunda’s Family Foods

Located off Tilak road in Sadashiv peth, get  a college lunch for INR 15 or mini meal for INR 30. You can also get aloo paratha for INR 20, brownies for INR 12 per pieces, pav bhaji for INR 35 and a host of other snacks and items worth lunch over all under INR 50.


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