Cheese, Meat & More: Gourmet Groceries Around Town For The Foodie In You

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Forget Dorabjee’s and Nature’s Basket; we’ve found 5 gourmet shops in the city that can make your foodiest dreams come true.

Gourmet Avenue at the Hyatt Regency

An extension of the Lobby at the Hyatt Regency, Gourmet Avenue functions as a cafe-cum-deli. Enjoy a bite to eat from their menu, or simply pop in to shop from their selection of the choicest cheese and meat cuts available to make your own gourmet-style sandwich at home. Take your pick from parmesan {250g for INR 420}, cheddar, gouda, cream cheese, feta, ricotta; and create the cheese plate of your dreams. For the carnivorous, choose from parma ham, salami Napoli, German sausages, garlic or cheese sausages, breakfast ham, frozen or fresh tenderloin, lamb chops {250g for INR 200}, pork chops, pork loin {250g for INR 220}, or good ol’ fresh cut chicken. Subject to availability, you can also get your hands on smoked or fresh salmon {250g for INR 700}, and frozen or fresh prawns. You can even call them 12hrs – 1 day in advance with your order of their selection of meat/fish, and they will procure it for you. Raw vegetables are available too, as are their oven-fresh pastries, cakes {INR 1200}, biscuits, and bread {INR 150}. We recommend sourcing your meat and cheese from them, as the quality is top-notch.

#LBBTip: They have happy hours from 6pm – 8pm daily – on bread and pastries only.

Fine Foods

Set up in 2008, Fine Foods endeavors to bring international and gourmet food to Pune. A gourmand’s paradie, their shelves are stocked with a wide variety of cheese {starting at INR 200}, frozen meats, confectionery, beverages, fresh veggies, imported and indian groceries, condiments, frozen foods and more, from across the globe. You could whip up an entire feast just from shopping at Fine Foods alone! We’ve got our eye on some flavoured coffee and sodas, gourmet popcorn, instant bread mix, sugary cereals, and Swiss chocolates. Items are subject to availability, and the price fluctuates accordingly.


A hidden gem tucked away in bustling Shivaji market, Foodman is where the city’s chefs go shopping. Foodman is stocked with exotic ingredients that you’ll never see on supermarket and even most gourmet store shelves. Stock up on Gochujang paste and dried shiitake mushrooms, KFC breadcrumbs, imported olives, malt vinegar, coffee, fish sauce, and rice paper, to name a few. They also sell a number of cheeses; cold cuts like ham, sausages, bacon; as well as {frozen} whole or cut pieces of pork, mutton, duck, and turkey. Specific items can be sourced on request. Prices tend to fluctuate according to supply and demand, but Foodman is one of the more reliable and reasonably priced gourmet stores. Keep them in mind for your kitchen experiments!

Food Junction

Food Junction stocks imported groceries for the modern home cook. You’ll find the usual suspects: cheese, meat, chocolates and sweets, pasta, biscuits, bread, etc. are packaged and ready for consumption. Home delivery in the surrounding area is available on request.


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