Absolute Varieties Of Delicious Chicken Wings At Wings & Co

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What Makes It Awesome?

All this while I have had and seen people have Chicken Wings as a side dish but who would think of having it in the main course as the main meal. Wings & Co in Viman Nagar has come up with this unique concept and believe me this is first of it's kind ever. You get to eat a chicken meal as the main course meal.

They serve huge chicken wings cooked with skin in different styles and in different sauces and flavours which are unique. They have 4 different styles of preparation with 10 sauces to choose from.

So much for one-day sinful chicken wings treat to savour my taste buds.
1. Crunchy Fried Peri-Peri Mango
2.Glaze Baked Tikka Masala
3.Pan Grilled Jerk Cajun
4.Pan Grilled Bhutchilly
5. Chilli Fried Rice
6. Mashed Potatoes
7. Green Apple Mojito
8. Crunchy Fried Peri-Peri Mango Cottage Cheese
9.Bhutchilly Cottage Cheese.

The killer was Bhutchilly Cottage Cheese which is part of their challenge too. So they have come up with a challenge called #Bhutchillychallenge where one would have to finish all 4 wings in one go. I have tried and trust me it's a hot challenge that you would surely like to try. It's hot its tempting and its exciting. Do visit for an exceptional chicken experience.

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