Craving Authentic Italian Cuisine? Try This Restaurant In Phoenix Mall!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Chianti Ristorante Pune, Phoenix Mall. After a whole day of loitering around Viman Nagar and Phoenix mall, shopping bags in tow, quiet dinner was in order. I have been mentally bombarded recently with Chianti posts and I have been throwing tantrums animatedly using Italian hands (Google it if you don't know what it is) in disgust as I haven't yet been able to eat there.

We finally got there and decided (after a lot of trials and tribulations) to go for the PEO 4 course meal for 595 offer. The non-existent network made booking a chore but the staff helped us out and we finally got it done.

Drinks - We had an Ice Tea, which was fantastic and a Lemon Slush, which was sweet for me. It was like a Margarita and looked nice, but had a bit of a medicinal taste as well. But as soon as I mentioned it, it was swiftly taken away. Even though I refused a replacement, as I didn't think I would be able to finish it, I was given a Mint and Lime drink. I have to say, it was fantastic, refreshing and super minty, and kudos to the captain who said, 'I thought you would like it'.

They serve a self-service Bruschetta to every table before the meal which is a fun exercise. You take a clove of garlic, then basil leaf and then a cherry tomato and you rub them on the toasted bread one after the other, place the remains on the bread, douse in olive oil and voila! And my word, it was so delicious! I did lose a garlic clove while rubbing it on the bread, I was too embarrassed to ask for a replacement.

Starters - We went for Crostini which was delicious. Like a bruschetta loaded with ham and vegetables, topped with balsamic. I, of course, poured more olive oil on it, making it even more amazing.

The Fungi Al Forno (baked mushroom with garlic-parsley-cheese) was crispy, juicy and delicious.

Mains - Wife went for her highly exquisitely authentic and classy- White sauce, mushroom aur Penne chahiye, baaki Kuch bhi chalega - pasta. Which, was frankly really delicious. So much so, I knew she wouldn't be able to finish it, so I was sitting there with - "my lunch for tomorrow" - expression. Wife, of course, immediately interjected - 'Abhi Toh khane de Shanti Se'.

I went for my favourite ever dish, only true connoisseurs know - 'something that my wife cannot share' - dish. I ordered the Pork Chops - Costaletta Di Maiale - which, after 3 attempts of pronouncing in front of the server (again throwing up Italian Hands, hoping it would help), he patiently kept looking at me with his kind face and ultimately said, 'I'll get you the Pork Chops, sir' and left.

Anyway, they were juicy and delicious. Perfectly Frenched (yeah, I've watched Masterchef Australia too), pink on the inside and the flavour was just impeccable. The star of the dish was the accompanying stewed apple! So sweet and caramelly with mild spices like cinnamon. The salad, garnished with a paper-thin sliver of pickled apple was amazing too. Overall a perfect dish!

Desserts - The Tiramisu was incredible. Great creamy texture with oodles of coffee. The biscotti served alongside was amazing too.

The Panna Cotta was almost equally amazing. Wobbly like an Italian after one too many proseccos. The berry compote was tangy, sweet and an absolute pleasure.

Verdict - Chianti is a hell of an addition to Phoenix. The food is incredible and the look and feel of the place are awesome too. The service is top-notch and I just wish they open a second branch somewhere near my area. I missed out on Pizza and speciality stuff like Duck Ravioli, as it isn't included in the 4 Course meal, but I'm going back for that next time for sure!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids

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