Five Reasons Why You Should Visit The Dagdusheth Halwai Ganapati Temple

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Pune’s rich history and cultural roots in worshiping Ganapathi have made Dagdusheth Temple a must visit for residents and visitors alike- here’s why.

The Magnificent Idol

With an intricate headpiece and ornaments, the idol is Ganapati in all his divine glory. Feast your eyes on the idol and feel closer to God here. The aarti starts at 7:30 AM, but activities will go on at the temple until later in the evening.

Social Activities

In addition to being a place of worship, the temple also hosts several social acitivities to improve the lives of the residents. These include micro financing, educational support and rehabilitation of certain workers. A visit to the temple, {or their website} can tell you more.

The Festivals

Apart from the regular visarjan, there are other festivals that the temple celebrates including the mango festival. The spirit of celebrating really comes out at this Punekar favourite, which has many of these dates throughout the year.


The distribution of prasad happens during certain times of the day {after the rituals}, but if you’re feeling a little hungy, Kaka Hawai has got your back. With a wide variety of sweets and savoury snacks, you’re spoilt for choice!

Cultural Affair!

Music and bhajans are an integral part of the temples activities. These are often sponsored by individuals and many local artists often come together to celebrate the deity. Check out the schedule for these events on their website.