Five Pune-Based Dieticians That Will Help You Eat Clean To Lose Weight

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Looking to trim down or just become healthier in general? LBB has spoken to some dieticians and nutritionists who can help you get those body goals before bikini season.

Akansha Jhalani

“Weight loss is not an overnight process”, this dietician emphasizes. Eating in regular intervals and not giving into fad frenzy is what this nutritionist emphasizes before beginning your weight loss journey. When it comes to men and women, she emphasizes that the dietary and exercise needs are different. Women’s requirements include more calcium and iron. Pulses, nuts and dark leafy greens are all great sources. Men on the other hand, need more protein which comes from eggs, meat and oil seeds. Other tips she gives is to consume probiotics and avoid processed food. When it comes to detoxing, Akansha suggests sticking to fresh vegetable juices to get your body feeling fresh.

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Aman Duggar

Being aware and having a good nutritional education is what’s most important for Aman, who believes that no magical diet will lead to rapid weight loss. The key, according to him, is to follow a diet which will give you a long-term energy deficient {when your energy spend is more than your energy consumed}. This can be achieved through taking into consideration personal preferences and cultural factors for efficient and consistent weight loss. Getting professional advice is something Aman recommends, who explains that so called experts who put you on fad diets are rather ineffective. Another tip? Avoid googling celebrity diets or getting your information solely from online sources. As he explains, research is done by scientists- not just the internet.

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Swati Bhandari

For this nutritionist, maintaining a simple, healthy diet is what’s most important. According to her, blindly following westernized and fashionable diets can be misleading, and sticking to organic ones which include millets and brown rice is what is most important. Rather than fad dieting, Swati suggests a complimentary diet {i.e. one that goes hand in hand with the work outs you do}, but to avoid junk food at all times!

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It’s important to remember the difference between fat and weight loss for this nutritionist who reiterates the point that weightloss is brought about through a combination of exercise and dieting. Lifting weights and yoga {particularly for older individuals} is what he recommends in addition to a balanced diet which compliments your routine.

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Before starting their diets, Vaishnavi emphasizes that people need to keep in mind to have timely meals. “Even if they occasionally eat out, maintaining a uniform time is cruicial” she elaborates. An exercise routine is important as well, even a simple walk can help get people started. She adds that cutting down on carbs and fried food is good idea, but people need to keep in mind that simply looking thin doesn’t translate to being fit. Consulting a nutritionist is also important to understand your diet and body and Vaishnavi only supports this point

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