Make Your Own Pizza With These Awesome DIY Pizza Kits From Little Italy

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What Makes It Awesome?

Staying at home means craving for different delicacies every single day. Pizza lovers are in for a treat this lockdown as Little Italy is delivering DIY pizza kits to your doorstep.

Priced at INR 899, these kits contain three large pizza bases, two types of in-house sauces: tomato pizza sauce and spicy garlic sauce, a mixture of green and black olives, mozzarella cheese and seasoning. The kit also comes with an instruction leaflet that explains the process.

Preparing a pizza has never been easier and we absolutely love the fact that three hungry people can gorge from one kit itself. We made the pizza and absolutely loved the taste. Little Italy is adhering to COVID-19 safety standards and offers a contactless delivery. And, kudos to them for their packaging.

The process is extremely hassle-free. You just need to spread pizza sauces on the base, put olives, cheese and drizzle a generous amount of olive oil before putting it in the oven. You can also cook it in a pan on the stove. Make a note to consume the pizza sauce within a day or store it in the freezer if you want to use it over a week.

Too lazy to cook or are you swamped in work? Order these awesome kits via Swiggy or by giving them a call.

How Much Did It Cost

₹500 - ₹1000

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