Love Kombucha? We Bet You Won't Get Enough Of This Exclusive Beverage Brand

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Dr. Booch

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What Makes It Awesome

Take some black tea from Meghalaya, add organic sugar to it, a portion of fresh SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), and infuse it with natural fruits. What do you get? The super tasty Dr. Booch Kombucha which we had the privilege of trying recently and we have to say, we were mighty impressed with the taste and quality of the brew.

Selling online and offering doorstep delivery in Delhi-NCR currently, Dr. Booch Kombucha is brewed in glass containers, packed in recyclable/upcyclable glass bottles, and comes in six flavours — apple cinnamon, beetroot ginger, blueberry ginger, ginger, mint mango, and pineapple clove. We tried the mint mango and blueberry ginger variants and while they both tested excellent, we would order the mint mango again for sure.

Dr. Booch's kombucha comes in two sizes - a small 250 ml bottle (INR 200) and a large 1 litre one (INR 650). They also have a one-month and two-month subscription model where you can save 50% for 12/24 litres of kombucha. Try the 250 ml bottle once and we can guarantee that you'll turn into a subscriber.


For folks who love to brew kombucha at home or who would like to, Dr. Booch offers their fresh SCOBY which is good for making four litres of kombucha and will cost you INR 1,500.

Do also check out the kombucha tea brewing tips on their website.