These Quirky Notebooks, Totes & Cute Badges Are Perfect For Stationery Nerds

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NEst by Arpit Agarwal has some of the best handmade and funky gifting options. From tote bags, notebooks, artwork to designer magnets. They have it all!

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Inspired by the beauty of North East India, the artist and the owner, Arpit Agarwal portrays it in his work. We got to see paint works of flowers, dances and cultures belonging to the East on the then ordinary piece of paper.  Not just that, NEst also has a vast collection of designer fridge magnets and Bihu dance key chains, in case you want to quirk it up! If you simply want art, framed for your house walls to look beautiful, you can rely on NEst. Let creativity do the talking here! Talking about notebooks in specific, trust us, we couldn’t keep our eyes off the vibrant collection! You’ll definitely make heads turn with that in your hand. And quality? You needn’t worry because they’re good to use. If you’re an old soul by heart, the beautifully painted postcards should do your job. They come in a variety of artworks. Coming to tote bags, we wouldn’t mind buying them for college or perhaps for a day out with the gang. Hand made and painted to perfection, it’s worthy of showing off! All these products fall under the range of INR 150 to INR 1,200. It’s worth every penny, we must say! You can message the owner for placing orders by visiting their Facebook Page here. You can also view their collection and place orders on their Instagram page.

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Visit NEst  for some eye-opening collection of essentials!