The Most Colorful And Instagram Worthy Cafes In Wanowrie

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What Makes It Awesome?

Peter's Pan: This cafe charms you over right at the outset. It sure is one of the most colourful and Instagram worthy cafes in town. It looked like a little version of Grandmama's Cafe.

Ambience (5/5): The ambience boasts of beautiful pastel colour combinations, quirky wall hangings, pastel pattern furniture, overall lively vibes which will be loved and people won't stop clicking pictures. I'm in absolute awe of the decor here. Kudos to the designer.

Food & Beverage (5/5): I ordered a Green Apple Mojito (120) which was served chilled in a tall glass and had amazing flavour contrasts of Green Apple and mint. Refreshing!
-Fattoush Salad With Beetroot Hummus (Rs.160): Mixed lettuce with onion, cucumber, tomatoes, and olives served with pita and lavash bread along with beetroot hummus. The beetroot hummus was delectable. Worth ordering if you like Mezze meals.
-Peri-Peri Fries (Rs.160): The fries had an enormous serving size. Loaded with lots of Peri-Peri spiced cheese, Bell peppers and sour cream, they were sinfully delicious. The quantity can easily cover for a group with some other Munchies. You can also get Tortilla Chips instead of Fries at the same price.
-Harissa Cottage Cheese Burrito Bowl (Rs.180): Harissa flavoured cottage cheese with cheesy harissa sauce was served along with Mexican rice and salad. This was my best try here. Lip-smacking sauce made a great complement to the Mexican rice. The meal was so filling that I had a tough time finishing it and yet so savouring that I ended up eating my plate clean. A perfect and complete meal for a single person.
-Death by Chocolate Belgian Waffle (Rs.180): And another scrumptious and sensational thing to try here. Their homemade waffle with loads of toppings and ice cream made value for money experience. They served three-quarters of Waffles topped with Dark and White chocolate chips, chocolate sprinkles, Kitkat, chocolate sauce and chocolate ice-cream. Sounds like death by Chocolate? It looked and tasted like one.

Overall (5/5): Overall the cafe is super lively and colourful on the ambience front, the rates are pretty decent based on the quantity and experience they provide. The chef has worked a great deal on plating too. Although a small outlet, it serves quite a lot of variety and does justice to every offer. A perfect place for friends, romantic dates and also for nice family time. Head over heels in love with this place already!

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids.

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