Plaid Ties, Funky Bows & More: Buy Classy Men's Accessories From 1972 Elegant Tie Shop On MG Road

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Men, it’s time to add some glamour to your bespoke suit. How about a monochrome Oxford print tie with classic sterling silver cuff links from 1972 Elegant Tie Shop at Bata Chowk, next to Cantonment Court on MG Road?

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Elegant Tie Shop is a one-stop shop for men’s accessories. From ties to bows, cravats, tie clips and more, this quaint little store is a treasure trove of both classy and quirky fashion, suitable for all age brackets, within a budget of INR 350 to INR 2,500. The ties, from INR 400 onwards, are undoubtedly the major attraction at Elegant. We loved their collection of strips, polka dots and check ties in wool, silk and cotton. The classic broad ties in purple, indigo, grey and maroon are the age old favorites. However, if you want to take your fashion quotient one step higher, check out their collection of vintage cotton plaid ties, starting at INR 950.

Graduating soon? Why not wear a quirky bow tie with the suit? Elegant has an extremely trendy line of bow ties in geometric patterns, pastel hues and paisley prints, starting at INR 450. We also recommend you check out their collection of pinch clasp tie bars in gold and silver and minimalist yet classy cuff links, starting at INR 499.

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From maintaining the quality to keeping up with ever-changing trends, Elegant Tie Shop, for over four decades, has stood up to its name when it came men’s accessories. The next time you’re at MG Road on a shopping spree, drop by at this store. You won’t be disappointed!


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