Enjoy Your Ice Creams Guilt Free From This Low Calories Creamery!

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The Brooklyn Creamery - Low Cal Ice Cream

Have you ever desired a dessert but restricted yourself because you knew it was too high in sugar or calories? Avoided nutritious alternatives because it simply didn't taste nice?

Trust me, I have had that feeling many times too

That's where 'The Brooklyn Creamery' comes in and allows people like you and me to hit the sweet spot every day.

Sweetened using only naturally occurring sugars found in milk and plant-based sweeteners, The Brooklyn Creamery has flavours ranging from NYC inspired flavours to classics as well as Indian favourites and new age flavours.

I recently tried their Sweet Cream Vanilla, Sea Salt Caramel and Chocoholic and was absolutely blown away by the creaminess, quality and the fact that it does not contain any added sugars. Loved the taste and me and my calorie- and sugar- conscious family gobbled the tub in under 15 minutes.

All their ice creams are 50% lower in calories competed to premium ice creams, and with use 75 calories per service, it is the perfect everyday dessert that we all crave for!

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