Enjoy The Most Delicious & Buttery Pav Bhaji At This Outlet!

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Triveni Pavbhaji and South Indian: The tiny joint in Aundh which serves lip-smacking fast food and south Indian dishes and my hunt for delicious and buttery pav bhaji end here. There were fewer items in the menu which can be countable on the finger but all are just amazing.
We tried here, medu vada sambhar which was crunchy and soft from inside goes best with sambhar. Thatte Idli is just way amazing with tiny dollop of white butter and little podi, so soft it breaks in its own weight must-have here. Dawangre Benne Dosa is win win here, crisp with ladden of butter along with alu gadde pallya which was slightly spicy and with coconut chutney. Newest addition to the menu is Salem Idli which is topped with fine chopped onion, spicy podi powder and ghee.
From the fast-food, Pav Bhaji is a masterpiece with its amazing taste balance in spice level and the amount of butter on top of it with buttery pav, you can't resist with just one bite. Another dish is Cheese Pav Bhaji which was too masterpiece with a copious amount of cheese. A new addition to there menu is Pind Di Pav Bhaji, recommended for the person who love the spicy pav bhaji with a touch of Punjabi style. Do try there Kolhapuri Misal here you will love it.
Don't miss to have the beverages here with such delicious meal. Cold Coffee and Mango Milkshake both option are available and recommended from my end.
The place is small with few sitting arrangements but what worth, in the end, is the quality of food. Must visit the place for sure.
Happy Eating!


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