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What Makes It Awesome?

Eternia is a pretty rooftop place at ICC Trade Towers. A place, perfect for your date night. A place, that will really make you feel happy. It's damn beautiful. The interiors are pretty with a prettier colour scheme. The food is prettiest. Trust me, it is. Most beautifully plated desserts and shakes ever. The food is mouthwatering and how. The best experience I have ever had regarding food, shakes, desserts, service and ambience is here. So this place is not to be missed at all.

We tried a lot many dishes and each one was more beautiful than other and in the end, we could not decide which was the prettiest looking and tastiest.

Desserts & Shakes,
*Strawberry New York Bake Cheese Cake: Philadelphia cheese, fresh strawberries, cream.
*Sultana Pudding: Sultanas stuffed sponge cake, creamy pudding.
*Chocolate Almond Cake: Almonds, Hazelnut, chocolate ganache, chocolate cake.
*Chocolate Fondant: Banana, apple, marshmallows, brownie.
*Rocky Road: Chocolate mousse, Ice cream. Chikki
*Chocolate and coconut Macaron Pie: Sweetened coconut, Condensed milk
*Blueberry Chikki Cheese Cake: Cream cheese, Condensed milk. Biscuits base saved blueberry topping whipped cream.
*Oreo Kitkat Shake: Oreo biscuit. Kit Kat, chocolate sauce
*Homemade Sham Rock Shake: Vanilla ice cream, milk, mint extract, whipped cream.
*Salty Caramel Yogurt Shake: Salty caramel crunch yoghurts, vanilla ice cream milk, Salted caramel, Cream
*Hot Chocolate- Milk/ Dark: Orange/Mint/ Jasmine/ Marshmallow
*Melon Heaven: A group drink, fresh watermelon juice, rose, Chef's Special.


*Veg Steamed Wonton* (8Pc)* 299/-: Chopped Veggies, Butter Garlic Sauce
*Fourrechar Veggies* 299/-: Brocolli, Zucchini, Mushroom, Sauteed, Soya Sauce
*Chicken Chilli Bean Sauce* 399/-: Sliced Chicken, Deep Fried, Red Yellow Pepper, Soya Sauce, Chilli Oil, Chilli Bean Sauce
*Mustard Chilli Prawn* 449/-: 8 PC's Deep Fried, Red Yellow Bell peppers, chilli oil, soya sauce, curd, mustard Chilli paste

*Kashi Murgh- 399/-: Egg, Hung Curd, Kaju Paste, Green Chilli Chop, Adrak Paste, Indian Raw Masala, Beet Flavour
*Chicken Bell Peppers- 399/-: Ginger Garlic Chop, Green Chilli, Adrak Lassan, Rai Oil, Indian Raw masala, Hung Curd, Bell Peppers
*Mushroom Kadhai- 299/-: Mushroom Stuffing, Ginger Garlic, Mushroom Mince, Cheese, Palak Sauteed, Hung Curd and Cream Rai Oil
*Bhara Lazeez Kebab- 249/-: Cabbage, Onion, paneer, Aloo, Green Chilli, adrak, raw masala, chana, corn flour

Note: I tried only veg dishes but I am sure non-veg must be amazing too. No disappointment at all.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids