Pune Peeps, Get Your Supply Of Munchies From This Lane In Mandai

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What Makes It Awesome?

Munchies, farsan or snacks. Whatever you call them, haven't all of us had days where we're simply binging on chips since our childhood? In Pune, this love for farsan is at a different level. So much so that there's an entire lane dedicated lane just for  farsan. And, at some really cheap rates too. So fellas, save this and thank us later. We've discovered the ultimate Farsan Galli in Pune. 

There's a high possibility that you might have crossed this lane a number of times. Farsan Galli is easily accessible from Mahatma Phule Mandai. All you have to do is take the left exit from the main Mandai building towards Bhandi Alli. Then you take a right form the junction and go straight for about a kilometre. And that's when you'll arrive at the galli. If you’re still not able to find it, don’t fret. If you ask a few old shopkeepers around, you’ll be guided.

There are about four to five shops clustered together in this lane, each serving a wide range of farsan items. You can find the classic Bombay mix farsan and bhujiya, flat puris, sev, soy sticks and the all time favourite: potato wafers. These shops also offer a number of flavours such as tomato, hara-bhara, masala and obviously the classic salted. A huge pack of one kilo of wafers will cost you INR 130 only. 

Along with these, you can also find a number of fryums, bobbys, roasted peanuts, salted and fried moong dal. This indeed is the place where we are going to get our chakna from for your next house party. 

The best part about this Farsan Galli is that all the stores sell farsan at a wholesale rate. So basically you are looking at INR 30 for 250 grams of potato chips, INR 20 for soy sticks and INR 40 for your flat puris. Don’t you see yourself binging on them while you're also binging on Netflix?


If you are hosting a house party or a big get-together or just need something to munch on between meals, stock up from Farsan Galli. 


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