This Website Tells You Which Essentials Your Nearest Grocery Store Has So You Won't Have To Scout

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What Makes It Awesome

With the rising cases of coronavirus in Maharashtra, Pune has seen a strict lockdown and even days of curfew. It's natural if you're still skeptical to venture out, despite getting some respite in non-containment zones. However, while we are all still in the midst of a lockdown, wouldn't it be wonderful to know if your nearest grocery store has all the essentials you need? That way you wouldn't have to make multiple trips and only need to step out if absolutely necessary. 

That's essentially how founders Suraj Singh Jhala and Bharat Nadkarni came up with a platform: What Which Where. The website so far has over 30 stores listed in Pune and about 18 in Ahmednagar. It works as a central directory where you can find or even register businesses that are located in your neighbourhood and are permitted to deliver. So you can get all your essentials like groceries, vegetables and fruits, medicines or dairy and other relevant items. This way all you have to do is call the nearest grocery store or vegetable vendor, check for all items and get them from one spot without having to venture out multiple times or interact with too many people.

The website is easy to use, with  accurate phone numbers and addresses, so it's a big help during times when you don't know for sure if your neighbourhood store is operational or not.

There are some apps that you can use to get your groceries delivered to you, in case you'd rather not step out at all. Check them out here.


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