This Brand Is All About Hygiene & Their Products Are Worth Checking Out

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What Makes It Awesome?

Floh was established with the aim to fill the void of quality feminine hygiene products. But with a pandemic outbreak, their hand sanitisers are what we found super essential. 

Floh's Sharp Instant Hand Sanitiser is truly the need of the hour. This product is refreshing thanks to the 100% natural spearmint essential oil, which also gives it a lovely fragrance. It's made with 70% alcohol to kill 99.9% germs and is effective against a broad range of bacteria. But, what we like about it is that it leaves your hands moisturised as it contains vitamin E and it leaves your hands hydrated and smooth after use. 

The big plus is that its packaging is quite pocket-friendly, so you can carry it around wherever you go, and in your pocket, quite literally.


Squeeze a tiny dollop (coin-sized) of the hand sanitiser on your palm and rub it all over your palm, the back of your hand and your fingertips too, until dry. There's no water required after use, as the moisturisers in the sanitiser ensure there's no skin irritation or dryness. 


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