Tailor-Made Healthy Meals: Food Darzee Is Your Nutritionist On Speed Dial

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In today's busy world, it is very difficult to plan our diets while taking into consideration your taste, suitable foods and nutrition. This is when we feel the need to have tailor-made meals that are not only healthy but delicious and refreshing. You'll be glad to know that this is possible with Food Darzee, a healthy food delivery service that customises your daily diets.

Darzee means tailor in Hindi. No wonder this portal is true to its name and provides you with a specially designed menu by Dr. Siddhant Bhargava, who is also the co-founder. This portal has catered to several celebrities and specially designs the menu taking into consideration your body type and health goals.

How to go about it? Let us explain. Log on to their website and interact with the nutritionist assigned to you. Understanding your body type and aims, you will be given a diet plan which you need to subscribe to. You have the option to choose between veg and non-veg plans which includes keto-friendly meals from different cuisines. Whether you are aiming to gain a few pounds or lose them, or simply wish to maintain your current weight, they have a designed plan for everyone starting at INR 250 per meal.

You can opt for a 3-day or a 12-day plan for trial before moving towards a 30-day or 60-day plan. Whatever days you choose, you can opt for upto 4 meals per day. Packages for 12-day plan with 1 meal starts at INR 3780, and goes up to INR 12000 for 4 meals a day. Similarly, 30-day plan and 60-day plan are estimated at INR 8975 and INR 16695 respectively for one meal a day.

We tried a couple of dishes and simply loved the flavours. First, we tried the keto Thai curry in veg as well as non-veg along with the kofta curry. You can savour their desserts too, which are essentially healthy, sugar free, keto-friendly and made of almond flour. The sweet goodies include cookies, cake, brownies, chocolates, that also make for a healthy hamper for your health freak friends.

Keto-friendly, sugar free and using all superfoods, this delivery service is your health on speed dial.

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