Foodie On A Diet? The Real Green Cafe In Koregaon Park Serves Gluten-Free Vegan Pizzas, Desserts & More

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What Makes It Awesome

The Real Green Cafe is the best of all worlds - charming quiet place on the bustling roads of Koregaon Park, 100% vegan, absolutely delectable dishes and great value for money.

We ordered the stir-fry veggies and quinoa for INR 300 and a gluten-free barbecue pizza for INR 190, with an abundance of capsicum, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers and dairy-free cheese, well-marinated in BBQ sauce.

We highly recommend you try their spicy tofu chilly wrap for INR 130 and the mouthwateringly gooey gluten-free chocolate cupcake.

What Could Be Better?

Nothing at all! The service is superb. Also, they have free WiFi, so eat as you work. Did we mention there's a rack full of books out here? Choose a read and enjoy an energy blend drink!

What's My Pro Tip?

Must try their French fries without oil, seasoned with herbs and chilly flakes for INR 120. Trust me, it'll take care of those fry cravings during the diet.

Former Features Writer, LBB