From Naanzza To Sandzza, This cafe Has The Best Pizza Sandwich Fusion In Pune

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What Makes It Awesome?

Bhambal Bee's Cafe is right next to Coffee Hub and has some delicious food options. The interior is black and yellow and matches the colour of a bee 🐝 The interior is simple yet cute with beautiful lights and comfortable seating arrangement.
This cafe sells the best sandzza, yes you heard it right. It’s a fusion of sandwich and pizza. They have a lot of options from veg, Egg and Chicken Sandzza with amazing flavour and tastes just like pizza. It is served with fries and is cut out in the shape of a sandwich.
We ordered the Classic Chicken Sandzza. It tasted delicious with every bite we had and was quite filling πŸ˜‹

How Much Did It Cost

Under β‚Ή5,00

Best To Go With

Big Group, Friends, Family