Keep It Cool: Drunken Monkey To Open Their New Outlet In The City

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Fruit juices are bae. If you think so too, you definitely love drunken monkey. For the love you’ve shown them in World Trade Centre, Drunken Monkey is all set to open their new outlet right in the city’s most happening places,  aka, Koregaon Park!

Tell Me More

Yes! You read that right, drunken money is opening up in Koregaon Park with their refreshing range of fresh fruit juices!

At the new outlet as well, you can sip into thier delicious pure fruit juices such as, watermelon magic {INR 109}, Kiwi Epic {INR 179}, Alice Alice  {INR 159} and many others among their unique juices!

Anything Else?

The best part about Drunken Monkey is that they also have various protein shakes which they make fun to have such as thunderbolt and popoye at INR 259. You can also dig into their thick shakes of Kit kat caramel and gem at INR 199.

So, We're Saying...

Continue to get drunk on healthy juices and shakes at drunken monkey!