Kids Bored At Home? Here Are Fun Activities To Keep Them Entertained

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Stuck with kids at home? Make the most of your time with these fun activities instead of becoming and letting your kids become a couch potato. Here are activities to keep kids occupied.

Home Gardening

Plants are a must-add to your home for instant appeal. Whether they are indoor plants or kitchen garden saplings, kids can learn about the art of gardening and make productive use of their time. Plant organic plants such as cherry tomato, spinach etc, herb saplings such as thyme, basil, coriander etc, in your kitchen garden with your kids and also teach them about composting and other gardening tips and tricks. Similarly, they can learn about indoor plant care, which is complex as they require a specific amount of water at specific intervals. Nevertheless, learning about different species can be very engaging.

Dry Cooking Session

There are so many videos out there that teach you about dry cooking- a method that does not require fire or usage of any harmful equipment. Kids can totally unleash their hidden master chef and cook yummy treats. There are multiple channels that also give easy baking lessons. Some of the recipes include chaat, finger sandwiches, bite snacks etc. Check out LBB Cooks for easy recipes too!

Creative Virtual Workshop By Cedarwood

When at home, kids can learn a skill or two by attending interesting virtual workshops conducted by Cedarwood - an online platform that offers a blend of skill-based and academic courses such as elocution, creative writing, phonics, public speaking and grammar. The classes are conducted online through Google Meet. To register, you can log on to the portal and go ahead with the admission formalities.

Take Lessons From Virtual Dance Classes

Unleash the inner Micheal Jackson of kid and let them break a sweat by dancing. There is no dearth of beginners dance online tutorials and your child can learn the moves across several dance forms. Be it Salsa, hip-hop, Bollywood or contemporary - just  tune in. You can check out tutorials on YouTube, depending on what form of dance you want to learn.

Make Them Attend Robotics Workshop

Does your child have a fascination for Robotics? Harness the passion by making them watch basic robotics virtual videos online.  There are tons of online portals that impart basic knowledge of this field to kids. 


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