Gamers Ahoy! This Store Has Consoles, CDs & Everything At Affordable Prices

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What Makes It Awesome?

Located in the line of Venus Traders near F.C. Road, you will find Gadgets. A one-of-a-kind store for all kinds of gaming needs, you have to check this store out. From gaming consoles to skins and from CDs to mouses, this store has it all. So if you have anyone who is a gamer, you just got sorted for gifts for their birthday. 

The store is very well-maintained and has a number of gamer required things in their collection. You will find PSPs , XBox, consoles, limited edition PSP controllers and more. The store has very well-organised all it’s stock it a manner that’s going to be accessible to any of its customers. There are racks that are filled with CDs, console skins, headphones, keypads and other things. 

This store majorly deals in second-hand commodities. You can get some really good deals on PSPs, XBox and even gaming CDs. The best part is most of these consoles are in near-mint condition and start at INR 3,000. If you are into hardcore gaming, then these guys also have limited edition PS4 controllers. There are also the gaming headphones that are needed for online gaming, which are first-hand for obvious reasons. 

You will also find RGB gaming keypads and mouses in both second hand and first hand pieces. We also found racing wheels that start at INR 20,000. They also have a second-hand Wii console. 

You can also avail a number of combo offers that the store keeps on having throughout the year. If you have a PSP or any CDs that you don’t know how to discard, you can sell them here at a fair price.


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