This Award-Winning Restaurant Is Where You Must Dine To Satiate Your Seafood Cravings

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What Makes It Awesome?

Since it was established in Mumbai in the late 1990s, Gajalee has been a favourite among all seafood lovers. The restaurant is known for its delicious dishes made from the freshest fishes. We kid you not, they bring live crabs to your table and you can pick which one you want to eat.

Located near INOX multiplex on Bund Garden Road, Gajalee is a simple restaurant. The typical seating arrangement and simple interiors, makes it a perfect family space. Even if so, the restaurant is a perfect spot for couples who love to eat seafood. Since its a seafood restaurant, it's a really good thing that they have kept their lights bright and don’t have the dim ones. There are family tables and tables for two. The restaurant is very spacious and can easily accommodate over 100 guests at a time.

The menu is obviously dominant with seafood. However, there is a further dominance of Maharashtrian dishes. You will also find selected dishes of chicken and mutton. These dishes include, chicken tandoori, chicken tikka, chicken fry, mutton seekh kebab and other mainstream chicken dishes. There are a few options for vegetarians too. 

The seafood menu includes crabs, lobsters, prawns, clams, oysters, pomfret and  Bombay duck. Majority of these dishes are made with traditional Maharashtrian recipes. You can try dishes like bombil fry, pudina fish tikka, tandoori crab, butter pepper crab, crab stick kebab among others. If you are not a crab fan, you can pick from their lobster delicaies such as lobster stir fry, baby lobster tikka, butter pepper schezwan lobster. If not even that, you can try their prawn dishes which include jumbo prawns pahadi, prawns sukka, prawns masala, prawns ambat tikhat and other styles. They also have a number of options in their pomfret section which includes stuffed pomfret, special pomfret curry, pomfret methi garlic and more. 

No matter what you order at Gajalee, the prices keep on varying according to the catch of the day and the size of the fish. In spite of that, an average meal for two will cost you INR 1000. Also, do not forget to order their special sol kadi with your food. It's so good!


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