We Found An Antique and Sculpture Haven For All Those History Nerds Out There

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What Makes It Awesome?

We have a lot of history in our country. That’s no surprise to anyone. Out mythological and mystical stories never end. Those are the stories we grew up on. Our monuments, temples and various other mystical footprints have given rise to many artisans in the country.

Started in 1996 by two wandering souls, Rajesh and Bhagwati, Gallery Mystical is an art gallery that houses the creativity of ancient art of Indian sculpturing. Being followers of Osho, this unique gallery in Koregaon Park has a great collection of mystical sculptures, carved by some of the best, award-winning sculptors of India. The work you will find here is mostly vivid media such as stone, wood and metal. You can look at sculptures of gods, goddesses, dancers, singers and much more from different parts of the country. You can visit this gallery just to appreciate the art or purchase pieces to add to your house or office space. The prices are only disclosed when you go to discuss a deal or make a purchase but as these are hand carved sculptures, expect a steep price tag.

Their collection is upgraded every month and they mostly have one piece of each sculpture so you can be rest assured that you’ll be bringing home a unique piece. If you are looking to ship some of their pieces outside India then Gallery Mystica has a tie up with Suman Exports who are one of the leading promoters of art. They help in exporting these beautiful sculptures to USA, Holland and Germany. This way arts lovers from all over the world stay connected.

Pro Tip

Gallery Mystica offers sculptures as per special requirements as well. In any size and material so if you are looking to redecorate, this art gallery might give you the right inspiration.