Spray Paints, Colourful Paper & More: Head To This Two-Storey Stationery Shop For All Your Arty Needs

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Gaurav Enterprises is a two-storey stationery store in Lane D, Koregaon Park. Run by the Nahar family, this store has been catering to the creative needs of Pune since the past 14 years. Whether you’re a professional artist, a dabbler in DIY arts and crafts, or just a huge stationery nerd – there’s something for everyone at Gaurav Enterprises. Here are some of our special finds.

Natural Pigment Watercolours

Gaurav Enterprises is the exclusive retailer of Mission Gold Watercolors by Mijello. These natural-pigment based handmade watercolours are professional-grade, and produce extremely vibrant, gorgeous colours. Available in 105 different colours, their 15ml tubes range from INR 300 – INR 1,500.

Spray Paints

For the graffiti artists, they also stock a range of quick-drying colour spray paints, priced between INR 225 – INR 500 for 400ml.

Black and White Canvases

We’re told that Gaurav Enterprises are the only stockists of circle-shaped and black canvases in Maharashtra. The smallest 6×6 square-stretched, and 6″ circular white canvases are for INR 110, while their black counter-parts are priced between INR 40 – INR 150.

Specialty Paper

In addition to regular paper for printer/ledgers, they also stock large sheets of tinted paper {starting at INR 15}, hand-made patterned and plain paper {from INR 50+} and{ watercolour paper for watercolour/oil/pastel painting {starting at INR 99}.

Pébéo Paints

Another exclusive to Gaurav Enterprises are Pébéo acrylic and oil paints. A French company, Pébéo’s supplies aren’t easily available in India, and are priced between INR 249 – INR 350 {depending on the type of paint you choose}.

Anything Else?

We also found original HP and Canon printer cartridge refills, art easels of all different sizes {starting at INR 300 for a mini easel}, alphabetically organized business-card holders {small INR 550, medium INR 650, large INR 750}, a magic glue gun {INR 500} for all your DIY-crafting needs, and a fancy mixed-media art set with watercolours, sketch pens, pencils, charcoal, erasers, etc. {INR 9,720}. You’ll also find all kinds of notebooks, diaries, folders, binders, clips, pens, pencils, colouring materials, pouches, embroidery hoops, and much more stuff once you visit. If you have anything specific in mind, they can also help you source it.


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