Get A Dress Made In 3 Hours Or Alteration Done Within Minutes At This Shop

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What Makes It Awesome?

Located in the basement of Wonderland in Camp, Sartaj Tailors is one of the most renowned tailoring shops in the city. The team of 6-8 tailors at Sartaj is known for their tremendous efficiency and finesse. And, to vouch for that, I got a first-hand experience of their brilliant work.

Recently, I got a summer dress stitched from Sartaj that just cost me INR 650. But what's even better is they made the dress within three hours with absolute perfection. I am guessing it would have been sooner if they weren't attending to other customers on a busy Monday morning. I also got my denim jacket altered out here which was done within minutes for just INR 150.

Apart from stitching easy-breezy dresses and kurtas and altering literally anything under the sun, Sartaj also makes gorgeous lehengas and gowns from scratch, starting at INR 4,000. Of course, this may take 7-10 days, depending upon the client's requirements and season. But be rest assured, it'll be done without any flaw.

How Much Did It Cost?

INR 500 - INR 1,000

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