Wanna Go On A Kebab Trail? Here Are Five Restaurants That Make The Juiciest Kebabs Ever

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Ten-Second Takeaway

From all types of non-veg meat kebabs to cheesy juicy veg kebabs, here are five places that promise a total feast.

Radio Hotel

If you are a die-hard fan of kebabs, then this place is perfect for you. There is no doubt that your personal favourite dish can be different at this place, but you should definitely try its special- The seek kebabs and the beef seekh kebabs served with a red chutney, pudina and lemon, and onion. Located at a hotspot place like camp, this place has a great atmosphere. And to top it all up, this place is a total value for money. A full tummy filled meal for two will cost maximum of INR 300 and INR 400. After going there once, this will be your favourite place to eat meat.


This place has a lot to offer. The ambience is far better than one would expect. It’s a large space with a high ceiling and lots of ventilation. Their specialty is Reshmi kebab. Pieces of boneless chicken breast, marinated in a juicy mixture of curd, cream, cashew nuts and spices and then grilled in oven, this is the dish to try here. The service is quick. You would enjoy this place with a bunch of friends. They even have a separate family space. If you are a hard-core non vegetarian, then do not think twice and head here!

Price: INR 300 for two


Madinah, one of the oldest and least inexpensive places in the camp area. It is a famous place for mutton, specifically, mutton seekh kabab. Mouth-watering, aromatic, juicy seek kababs with the green chutney is winning combination and here they do it perfectly. Mutton is minced and cooked to near perfection, if you are looking for pocket-friendly food with amazing taste and quantity then this restaurant fulfils that checklist. A star dish here is the chicken kadi ghost which is served on a stick {kadi} and tastes really nice.

Price: INR 350 for two


This place offers a very different experience from any other conventional restaurant. Located in Khadki, this place is especially famous for its veg kebabs. One of the dishes is achari paneer tikka- It is so tempting by its looks that anyone could fall for it. Fresh and soft paneer tikka pieces charred to perfection loaded with fresh cream, onion, capsicum and green chutney. The taste is heavenly. This place is one of those rare hidden gems that after a single visit become a favourite. For people looking for fine ambience or decor, simply make other plans. And for others who only dwell in good taste and warm service, look no further. Other delightful dishes that you can order is soya chaap, paneer reshmi kebabs and cheese stuffed chaap.

The Great Kabab Factory

This is a place which will surprise you with its service and food. The variety of kebabs, the bread to go with them and the biryani at the end makes a perfect combination for all the hungry stomachs out there. When you go there you have to try the galoti kabab {it is a mixture of herbs and spices, and finely ground meat Mughlai style}, the fish {surmai} kabab, and the paneer kabab and the chicken kabab. The ambience is very nice, well decorated with beautiful lights, huge dining space, comfortable, cozy seats, and sofas. This weather is just perfect for this food and I would recommend this place for all kebab lovers out there.

Price: INR 2,000 for two