Gorge On Some Pizza, Pasta And More At Slice Of Soul!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Slice Of Soul: This restaurant located in Kalyani Nagar basically offers customisable ‘Make Your Own Pizzas’. Had heard a lot about this long back in March. The menu over here is simple with good as well as decent choices of starters, salads, pasta and signature pizzas. If you wish to try something quite different rather than the conventional pizza and pasta, feel free to order from here. So finally ordered their Signature Chicken Pizza, Penne in Pink Sauce Pasta and Garlic Bread.

To start with the Garlic Bread,it was soft and freshly made. It had a decent amount of herbs, cheese and garlic. Moving over to the Pasta, the creamy texture of the sauce and the number of veggies and chicken was absolutely superb. It was quite scrumptious full of flavours even though the spice level was a bit too high. It was served with the two slices of garlic bread and garnished with parmesan. And finally the pizza. No words to describe this. The pizza was perfectly baked and the taste of sauce and spices added was perfect. One thing which I genuinely liked was the thin crust. The creaminess of the sauce, cheese, and the loaded toppings made the pizza irresistible.

The packaging was good enough with all the necessary protocols followed and the delivery service was on time. There's a variety of delicious delicacies you can bite into over here. Check out this restaurant and feel free to order

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