From Gourmet To The Classics, These Chicken Sandwiches Can Never Disappoint!

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Be it snacking on them or making a meal out of it, the chicken sandwiches at these places are something people swear by. Have a look!


You’re never a true blue Punekar unless you eat at this legendary haunt, popular with all age groups. Known for their sandwiches that are cheap on your pocket, you can choose from their Grilled Chicken, Chicken mayo or stick to the basics with their chicken sandwich at just INR 60.


A quaint little café on New DP Road in Aundh, L’Apicio serves some excellent European-inspired cuisine. They offer four different types of chicken sandwiches but the Cajun Grilled Chicken is a hot favourite with all their customers. Slightly heavier on the price scale at INR 250, it’s an investment that assures you great returns.


Flirting with the boundaries of what you can call ‘healthy’, Tien’s Chicken and Fried Egg sandwich though made with whole wheat bread, serves as a perfect meal to cure that hangover at just INR 180.

Diamond Bakery

With people from all over India making the pilgrimage to bite into their version of a chicken sandwich, you know it’s legit. At an extremely underrated price of INR 50, these serve as a fulfilling meal for those on a budget.

11 East Street Café

Who can refuse anything with basil pesto and chicken? 11 East Street’s Basil Pesto and Chicken Panini for INR 240 is hearty and warm. It’s best enjoyed with one of their signature flavoured iced teas.