Cart These Gourmet Food Items From Big Basket & Whip Up A Storm In Your Kitchen

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We're all ordering in our groceries, and loving Big Basket because it has a lovely range of gourmet snacks and cooking essentials. 

Here are the best gourmet products to shop from Big Basket:

Olive Oil By Figaro, Borges, Disano

Whatever storm you're whipping up in your kitchen, could be made better with some olive oil. After all, it's a healthier alternative too. Whether you need extra virgin olive oil for your salads, to top off on your hummus or something else, or you need pure olive oil for cooking, Big Basket has both option. 

You can find brands like Figaro, Borges and Disano. All three, we hear, are highly recommended and commonly used olive oil brands. The price range starts at INR 799 for a 1L pet bottle of Borges extra virgin olive oil.

Almond Milk By Raw Pressery

If you're vegan or just prefer almond milk because it's a healthier alternative, Raw Pressery has an unsweetened almond milk. You can choose to drink it as is, or honestly, we'd use it for recipes that require adding some milk too (like SO many North Indian-style gravies that use cashew paste). 

You can get three 1L packs for INR 908. 

Asian Sauces By Happy Chef

If quarantine has turned you into a master chef and you're busy trying different Asian recipes, then Happy Chef is a brand that's available on Big Basket. This brand is honestly going to make any amateur cook happy with their range of sauces. You can grab stuff like Japanese teriyaki sauce, Thai sweet chilli sauce, Malaysian satay sauce, Korean barbeque sauce, Hunan chilli sauce among others. You can get a 270gms bottle for INR 149! Not too bad, right?

Biscotti By GoodDiet

Make your chai or coffee time a little elegant. How about switching your regular cookies or biscuits for a biscotti? GoodDiet is a brand that's available on Big Basket and offers a variety of different biscotti flavours that are also gluten-free. Try the double dark chocolate and pistachio, dark chocolate and rick salt, or almond. You can get a 150 gms pack for INR 159.

Filtered Apple Cider Vinegar By GoodDiet

Apple cider vinegar has several benefits, the main one being that it can elevate any recipe. GoodDiet has thier brand of apple cider vinegar in a 500ml bottle for INR 119. The big plus: it's filtered! So you can use it in your salad dressings too.

Instant Coffee By Davidoff

A premium coffee brand, Davidoff has instant coffee to make an espresso or more. They use 100% arabica beans and it's ideal for those who are VERY particular about which coffee they're drinking. There are options like sommeliers rich aroma, espresso and more. A 100 gms bottle costs INR 550. 

International Cheeses By Kodai

While there are several cheese brands on Big Basket, Kodai's range of options is endless. Find smoked gouda, gruyere, feta, sharp cheddar, emmanthaler, edam, diet cheddar, mozzarella and more. Their packs are usually 200 gms ranging from INR 250 and more. You can also shop for other brands for ricotta, camembert and other cheeses with hers, spices and other flavours too.

Wheat Pasta By Borges

Borges has a range of whole wheat and durum wheat pasta available in different pasta types. You can get whole wheat penne rigate, fusilli or mini fusilli, spaghetti and more. A 500 gms pouch is priced at about INR 149.

Tinned Fish By Ocean Secret

If you're missing a tuna sandwich or want to try one, grab a tinned tuna from Big Basket. A few brands are available, but we hear Ocean Secret is one of the better ones out there. You can get tuna in brine, or in mayonnaise. They also have tinned sardines, so you can eat sardines on toast too. They have these available in tomato sauce or in vegetable oil with cracked pepper and chilli flakes. A 180 gms tin will set you back INR 149.

Basil Seed Drink By Fruitoria

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Basil seed drink may not sound familiar, but do you know sabja? Those black seeds that your falooda is topped with are actually super healthy to drink. Fruitoria offers a range of flavours of the basil seed drink. Try peach, watermelon, aloe vera, melon or orange, among others. A 300 ml bottle is for INR 99, so it's not too pricey!


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