Got The Drunchies? Order Meaty Paninis, Nutella Sandwiches & More From This New All-Night Delivery Service

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What Is It?

The latest entrant in Pune’s after-hours food delivery scene is Gourmet Men, and they are serving some of the juiciest paninis, doner kebabs and pizzas we’ve had. And if you’re hungry after a night out drinking or are pulling an all-nighter at work and need something to munch on, just call these amazing folks.

Tell Me More

Started in October 2017 by Ishan Chokhawala and Shrikumar Panicker, Gourmet Men is a labour of food-love put into motion with a lot of passion and hard work. Both founders are huge foodies at heart, and they decided to create their own perfect menu after getting bored of eating the same food every time they ordered in. Ishan tells us their goal is to keep the bread crispy, the fillings juicy, and the sweet-sour-salty balance as delicious as possible.  After spending a year developing their menu, testing it out, and catering to companies {to learn the basics}, Gourmet Men took off. On the menu are stuffed doner-style pockets, grilled paninis, square pizzas {in 8″ and 12″}, and a couple of dessert sandwiches {for good measure}. We hear their bacon-wrapped Juicy Lucy Bomb {doner-style} – loaded with imported bacon-wrapped German frankfurters and Danish mozzarella {among other things} is a huge hit, as is their Crispy Hash Potato Panini – stuffed with hash browns, crunchy and pickled veggies, Welsh cheddar, Danish mozzarella and mint mayo. Bonus points: each order of a doner-pocket or panini comes with a portion of crispy German-style potato wedges for free. Pizza fiends, their crust is available in ‘crispy’ or ‘extra crispy’, and Ishan tells us they’re also juicier than most pizzas – owing to the fact that Gourmet Men toss their pizza toppings in spices/sauce before arranging them on the pizza and baking it. For dessert, try their unconventional dessert sandwiches – grilled, and slathered with combinations like peanut butter and banana, strawberry and nutella, and plain nutella with extra chocolate chips {yum}.

Anything Else?

Gourmet Men makes all their breads {including their pizza dough} and sauces in-house. They also pride themselves on using imported ingredients such as Sri Lankan bacon, German frankfurters, and imported cheese. They have beverages too, and we hear they’re also working on a salad menu, so stay tuned to their Facebook Page for updates.

Everything on their menu is priced between INR 215 – INR 470, and the portions are generous enough to make it a full meal in itself. They are a delivery-only kitchen based in Viman Nagar, and deliver across Viman Nagar, Koregaon Park, Kharadi, Magarpatta, Fatima Nagar, and Camp, between the hours of 7pm and 3am, daily.


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