Shhhh! These 6 Haunted Places In Pune Are Not For The Weak-Hearted

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Love our beautiful city and all that it has to offer in terms of culture, food and lifestyle? With some history to every nook and corner of Pune, you should know by now that some ghost/supernatural stories would exist. Do tales of age-old forts, abandoned houses, unnatural happenings and eerie vibes fascinate you? Then, you should know that Pune has no dearth of supposed haunted places. Read on to get spooked by some that we’ve heard.

Sinhgad Engineering College

This college is considered one of the most haunted places in the city. Apparently, it is ghosted by a student who committed suicide due to multiple failures in exams. It is a regular occurrence that another student passing from the corridor beyond the wee hours of midnight is pushed and slapped by an unknown entity. Some even claim to have seen the ghost, while others have seen him (the ghost) attending classes with regular students.

House On M.G. Road

Old and abandoned, this place is in shackles now. One can feel someone staring at them, but when you check, it's just thin air. Stories of sudden fragrant smells has been reported near this house. One can hear soft whispers of a girl, turning into loud shrieks and cackles. It is said that a girl was murdered in this house and her cries and shrieks are often heard around after midnight.

Chandan Nagar

One will come across a sweet little girl in a white frock with a doll in her hand. With a blood stain on her frock, she appears after midnight frolicking around the place. It is said that she died while the construction of the house was going on and her spirit continues to make apparitions every night. People have also seen her screaming and running towards them. And when approached, she’ll have a serene smile on her face and complete black eyes, all the while jumping from one spot to another.

Pune Cantonment

Pune Cantonment: restless spirits have been accounted to haunt this place. Even though they are considered to be harmless, getting surrounded by floating, ghostly entities is still a bad idea. One can feel unnatural, sudden changes occurring in the atmosphere, like a sudden drop in temperature.

Victory Theatre

The building is considered to be haunted as local residents have heard screams and giggling at wee hours from this age old theatre. Many cine-goers have heard screams and evil laughter in the midst of an on-going movie. Some have also felt the seats rattling without any logical reason. 

Choice Hostel On Karve Road

One of the most expensive hostels in Pune, it is haunted by a woman wearing a red saree roaming around the premises. The occupants have also reported the sound of her tinkling anklets, which is very creepy and send shivers down your spine. Some have been woken up by her shrieking screams  in the late hours.