Head Over For A Cozy Date Night At This Quaint Little Cafe!

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Eat & Repeat Cafe
Located on JM Road, this cafe is my new-found go-to place. This super cosy cafe has its charm. Though the cafe is located in a lane touching road nonetheless you all can easily get at it. This place is perfect for your date nights and the plus point is even the elder couple can have their idyllic time here as the outer ambience is all enhanced with the cute fairy lights which indeed adds to the cosy date nights. It's a two-storey eatery and the ground floor is occupied for the outer seating area. If you have a thing for quaint cafes just like me then Eat & Repeat Cafe has got us covered. 
Why you should visit this cafe-
• Cute place with a cosy & decent ambience
• Pocket-friendly
• Perfect for school/college crowd
• Perfect for your date nights
• Delish food
• Friendly staff
• Prompt service
What Foodiesoulmates devoured on:
1. Nachos- Who doesn't love nachos?! Well everyone loves it but nachos from this cafe are bang on. The salsa topped on the nachos elevates the overall taste of this dish. A perfect dish to nibble on while you're sipping on your favourite drink. 
2. Crispy chicken popsicles- Chicken Tikki kinda starter which was cooked so well. Crispy from outside and juicy from the inside, this appetizer was served with sweet and sour chutney. 
3. Crispy chicken burger- They used brown bread buns which were stuffed with crispy, delish chicken chunk with greens and luscious sauces, served with fries, salad and super yummy creamy dip. 
4. BBQ Grilled Chicken- the chicken breast was well marinated in the blend of spices and then grilled to perfection. It was served with mashed potatoes and vegetables. The best I had in the longest time. 
5. Chicken momos- That thin momo coating with an ample amount of perfectly cooked chicken stuffing made it more enjoyable. We finished it in no time. 
6. Pesto Pasta- Wholesome and delicious creamy pesto was to die for. Loved every bit of it. 
7. Bbq chicken pizza- Thin crust pizza topped with perfectly cooked chicken chunks which tasted yummy and veggies with a sufficient amount of cheese. Also, the base was of wheat that's the best part. 
We also sipped on our all-time favourite Virgin Mojito and Virgin Daiquiri. It was super refreshing and had the well-balanced tanginess to it. We also tried other beverages as well and we must say all were just bang on. 
Can't wait to visit this beautiful place again and try other items on their menu.


A food enthusiast duo from Pune on their way to explore the streets and restaurants of Pune 😋.