This Terrace Farm in Wanowrie Grows Organic Fruits & Veggies Year-Round

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Ajay Baag

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What Makes It Awesome?

'Ajay Baag' is an unconventional urban farm run by agri-preneur Mr Ajay Aggarwal, on the terrace of his house in Wanowrie. Started around one and a half years ago as a hobby, it quickly snowballed into a flourishing veggie nursery. The concept came from Mr Aggarwal wanting to create a clean, oxygen-producing environment that could also grow food. From supplying to friends and family, to now multiple restaurants in Pune and Mumbai, as well as several households {including Mr Aggarwal's own} - this rooftop farm is growing slowly and surely. They currently have around 350-400 pots and grow a large range of herbs, gourds, veggies, spices, and even fruit {though the latter take the longest to mature}.

We found winter melon, butternut squash, watermelon, sitaphal, pomegranate, tomatoes, chilis, chickoo, chives, kale, Thai basil, purple basil, cucumber, passionfruit, lemons, brinjal, and beetroot {to name a few}. They also grow tasty micro-herbs like mustard greens and dhania, as well as wheat-grass, watercress, etc. and these are offered on a weekly subscription basis, too. You can also buy potted herbs, and we took home our own little Thai basil pot, as well as a couple of veggies. 

Everything here is cultivated organically - they don't use soil, but instead use coco peat and manure, with drip irrigation. Ajay Baag will also be introducing hydroponically grown produce, soon. There are absolutely no chemicals used on any of the plants, and we even tasted things right off the vine without fear of getting sick. Though a lot of the plants are seasonal - if you have any special requirements, Mr Aggarwal can grow certain veggies/fruits for you on request.

He just recently launched a website for Ajay Baag, but it's still under development. You can now order online or over the phone - though delivery is limited to the nearby Wanowrie area, you can come and pick it up as well. We think it's very reasonably priced, and certainly has more value-for-money than most store-bought produce. The fruits and veggies are only harvested on-order, so you can be sure that whatever you're getting is 100% fresh and organic.

Mr Aggarwal is hoping to take this concept to more terraces - and if you have your own terrace/rooftop space you'd like to develop, he's happy to help. 

Stay tuned to their Facebook Page here: { for updates, and remember to order your veggies at least a day in advance.

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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