Be Your Own Historian With This Stationery Kit That Lets You Record Your History

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What Makes It Awesome

Experts, academics and all the best of thinkers have concluded that the the best way to understand the future, is to understand where we come from and where we are going. Basically to understand the future we must refer to our history. Growing on this philosophy, History Hive is changing people's perspective towards history, one product at a time.

The brainchild of Moon Moon Jetley and her team of designers and researchers, History Hive is currently an online store that was formed in Pune. They have also recently started retailing out of Waarsa: The Heritage Store in Pune. Putting together their love for history and creativity, they have come up with an interesting product known as, 'My History Kit'. The interesting part of this initiative is that they do not intend to create an extensive range of products. However, all they intend to do is create a range of selected yet qualitative range of products.

Coming towards My History Kit, it is a hamper of three commodities in one. The kit consists of a journal in which you can record an interesting event or your family's history, something from your own past or even something that is happening currently. You could write about anything! There's also a blank map, which is for you to map your mind or even to write some rough points. You could also stick a few pictures, sketch something out and do various things with it. And, there is a combination of a tangram and a dice. A tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle that's a combination of seven puzzles. They have added this to the kit to make sure that you don't just get bored of only writing.

The entire concept behind all their products is to get more and more people interested in history and make them believe that the past is not just a period from the bygone era. In fact, in one way or the other, it is a means to track your own development and on a larger scale to see what the society has become.

The history kit, if you place on order in their website, will cost you INR 850. Whereas if you shop from the Warsaa store, it will cost you INR 900.

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